Kimberli Sue Eddins

Miss Kimberli was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 2009. She graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts focusing on drawing and painting. In 2012, Miss Kimberli received her Waldorf early childhood teacher certification. She was initially drawn to the natural materials and settings of the Waldorf classroom and appreciates the value placed on art and craftsmanship in Waldorf schools as well as the focus on simplicity, mindfulness, wonder and the importance of play. The meaningful tasks given to children in Waldorf schools are also an integral part of her appreciation of the approach. Miss Kimberli has been involved in education as a teacher and teaching assistant for her entire career. Before 1993, her professional work addressed the therapeutic use of art materials in healing and expression. From 2009 to the present day, she has been working in Waldorf education.

In her free time, Miss Kimberli enjoys books on spiritual life, fiction and memoirs, making and experiencing art, country fairs and festivals. She participates in creative writing groups and enjoys attending vintage car shows, flea markets, and auctions as well as traveling. She also loves cats, and flower gardening, as well as time spent in nature. Miss Kimberli comes from a large family, all currently living in Missouri. She moved to Tucson in July of 2016 and is enjoying her new adventure in the desert southwest.