Olivia Hansen

Olivia’s family was one of the first to join Tucson Waldorf School in the early years and they have consistently participated in our development and growth over the past twenty-plus years.  Her parents worked hard to develop the school in ways ranging from board president to pulling weeds, and Olivia hopes to continue their work with her own participation at TWS.

Olivia started preschool at age three in Ms. Braun’s kindergarten classroom, and went on to graduate with the first eighth grade in Lisa Archer’s class. After high school, Olivia wanted to continue being a part of the TWS community, which she did for several years by volunteering to help in handwork classes. She joined the board in 2015 when asked to represent the alumni community. Since then, Olivia has worked to incorporate TWS graduates into the school and promote continued relationships between the school and alumni.  As part of her alumni representative role,  Olivia developed and oversees the Alumni Connections initiative, our alumni newsletter, created by volunteer alumni for alumni and published semiannually. After a year on the board, and many years volunteering in handwork classes, Olivia now holds a position as handwork assistant to Ms. Barnes, which has been a wonderful way for her to  participate in the daily life of the school again.

Olivia’s prior professional experience has mainly been with her family’s  businesses and other small, local businesses. She is currently the office manager of the Speech Center of Southern Arizona, a pediatric speech therapy clinic.

As a person with Dyslexia, Olivia came to appreciate Waldorf education on a deeply personal level, particularly  when confronted with the realities of mainstream education and “special” education in high school. As a student at TWS, she recognized this school does something very special, but it became much clearer to her upon graduation.  Olivia views the educational model of Waldorf as complete in its openness to allowing children to develop, excel and express in their own individual way. She is very aware of the gift she was given, to have been a student at TWS, and would like to be a part of giving that opportunity to other students.

Olivia is an avid knitter and gardener and loves to paint, bake and cook. She also love hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing and any excuse to get outside.