Development Committee Chair

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Kira holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bard College, and lived in New York City for twelve years before moving to Tucson in 2006.   Kira first discovered Waldorf as she began to research educational options in Tucson that might inspire the process of learning.  As she was getting to know Tucson Waldorf School, she realized it would serve the needs of all three of her children and support them in a life long love of learning and engagement.  Her family joined the school in 2013 and she began her service work with the school as a room parent, eventually joining the board and chairing the Development committee in 2015-2016. Kira currently works as a real estate developer in downtown Tucson focused on sustainable urban practices.  Her small family firm is focused on helping to develop an urban city center that reflects the dynamic community in which we live.  Prior to working in real estate development, Kira worked as a film producer, honing her organizational and budgetary skills.  She is also a board member of MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art, where she has been active in planning fundraising events.  Kira enjoys contemporary art, hiking, Tucson, traveling and conversation. Kira and her husband, Adam Weinstein, are parents to Hayden, Anya and Arlo, all current TWS students.