Sarah Evans

Sarah considers herself to be mostly an Arizonan, having  attended elementary school and High school in El Paso, Texas, and College in Arizona. Sarah first came to Tucson Waldorf School when she heard the school was hiring a new music teacher through a then parent, Christina Romano,  and ended up getting hired as the full time assistant to a student with Down syndrome in the Grades program.  During the four years Sarah worked in the Grades classroom, she became an integral member of the TWS community.  Before that time, Sarah worked as a music teacher in the public school system for ten years including a yearlong stint as a teacher in the Opening Minds Through the Arts (OMA) program.  Guitar and singing have always been a part of Sarah’s life, and while at Tucson Waldorf School she found her purpose through learning about Christian Boel’s School of Uncovering the Voice.  Sarah enrolled in and graduated from the School of Uncovering the Voice, and  now teaches singing lessons through her own program called Speech in Song.

Sarah is a mother of three children and ten grandchildren. She loves singing and playing guitar.