Carmenza Fernandez-Adkins

Born in Cali, Colombia, Miss Carmenza grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She did the bulk of her undergraduate work in Art History and Fine Arts/Studio Art at Carnegie Mellon University and received her degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Miss Carmenza has also done graduate work at the University of Arizona in Art Education. A multitude of qualities drew her to learn more about Waldorf education. When she first came to TWS, Miss Carmenza was delighted to see how closely the early childhood environment matched the setting she had created for her children at home. She most appreciates the sense of wholeness in school, and the artistic emphasis as well as the collaborative, non-competitive approach to learning. Miss Carmenza attended Quail’s Nest parent-child classes with her daughters and eventually began working at the school as a substitute teacher. Later, she joined the staff as an early childhood extended day teacher before beginning her current role as an assistant in kindergarten.  Through the years, her teaching experience in art education has included working with children from kindergarten through high school. Together with her husband, Will, Miss Carmenza previously owned and operated a fabric dyeing wholesale business. Miss Carmenza enjoys cooking, art, horses and lazure painting. She also operates a small horse boarding stable at her home.