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My TWS experience made me more imaginative, more optimistic, not as negative as others.  I see how something might be good, such as a classroom assignment. In architecture, peers rely on other media and images to get their ideas.  I can use my imagination more–I don’t need something else to look at. I can just start drawing. I think I had more respect for the teachers in high school and college because of my Waldorf education.

TWS alumnus, Luca D.

Waldorf 101: A conversation with John Keeney, September 27th.

Are you a newcomer to Tucson Waldorf School? Are you a TWS old-timer who still has some questions about our curriculum and pedagogical methods? Questions are highly valued in a Waldorf school! Are these some of yours:   What is anthroposophy and who is Rudolf Steiner? Why does Waldorf teach reading differently? What is Michaelmas and […]

Visitor Morning Tours

Scheduled weekly by appointment, our tours are for adults only and offer an overview presentation on the Waldorf education offered here at TWS from parent-child classes through eighth grade.  Visitors will also have an opportunity to briefly observe class in progress at several grade levels as well as to see examples of student work. Tours […]

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Why Waldorf?

Preparing for Life - a video by our friends at The Waldorf School of the Peninsula