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There is no substitute for a Waldorf education, and nowhere we would rather educate our son than TWS. Over the past year we have had the opportunity to visit a number of Waldorf schools in major metropolitan cities, and their facilities and communities did not come close to what we have experienced at TWS. TWS provides a warm, enveloping community, loving teachers and staff, and an amazingly beautiful campus. We are so grateful to be able to raise our son in this environment and provide him with such a well-rounded education. The blessing of a Waldorf education should be a basic right of all children.

Testimonial from Sarah Shiller

Visitor Morning Tours | By Appointment | Tours for Fall of 2018 Begin mid-January

Scheduled weekly by appointment, our tours are for adults only and offer an overview presentation of the unique Waldorf education offered here at Tucson Waldorf School. The morning includes information relevant to all programs and ages from parent-child classes through eighth grade.  Visitors will have an opportunity to briefly observe class in progress at several […]

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Why Waldorf?

Preparing for Life - a video by our friends at The Waldorf School of the Peninsula