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It [Waldorf education] encouraged me to always strive to become a better human being.

Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg

Quail’s Nest Open House: Friday, December 8th

You are invited to join us on December 8th to meet Miss Tiffany and learn about our Quail’s Nest Parent-Child program. Playgroups at Tucson Waldorf School provide an opportunity for warm and supportive companionship with other families facilitated by an early childhood educator. Children delight in the special attention given to support their unfolding interests, […]

Visitor Morning Tours | By Appointment

Scheduled weekly by appointment, our tours are for adults only and offer an overview presentation of the unique Waldorf education offered here at Tucson Waldorf School. The morning includes information relevant to all programs and ages from parent-child classes through eighth grade.  Visitors will have an opportunity to briefly observe class in progress at several […]

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Why Waldorf?

Preparing for Life - a video by our friends at The Waldorf School of the Peninsula