School Leadership

Tucson Waldorf School is an independent, self-administered, collaboratively-led institution. Its leadership is divided into three groups that assume responsibility for integrated, yet distinct, areas of school governance. The three key leadership bodies are the College of Teachers, the Board of Trustees, and the Administration.

The College is responsible for the Cultural Realm of the school. The College, made up of teachers and administrators with a demonstrated commitment to the life of the school, guides the pedagogy and actualizes the mission of the school through teaching, curriculum development, teacher selection, evaluation and mentoring, strategic planning and mission renewal. Members are marked “college” on the faculty page and this page.

Board of Trustees is responsible for the Economic Realm of the school. The Economic realm is the area of developing financial resources. The Board oversees the Mission of the school and holds the College of Teachers and the Administrative Director responsible for accomplishing the Mission. The Board is responsible for the legal, strategic planning, budget approval, fundraising leadership and risk management oversight affairs for the school.

Administration is responsible for the Rights Realm of the school. The Rights Realm is the area of agreements and equality. The Administrative Director manages and develops resources in service of the Mission of the school. It is the responsibility of the Administrative Director to implement policies approved by the College and Board, oversee plans and budgets, manage  human resources, supervise the implementation of strategic plans, and facilitate and ensure  the smooth daily operations of the school.

Tucson Waldorf School is committed to this threefold leadership model that encompasses the administrative, pedagogical, and community realms. Decisions emerge from a process of discussion and consensus based upon respectful communication between relevant school groups. TWS values having a strong, collaborative model dedicated to the principles of a Waldorf education, for the benefit of children,  families, and the community.


Rebecca Briamonte Administrative Director - college [email protected]
Aaron Suski Facilities Manager [email protected]
Naomi Wetzel McCoy Communications Director [email protected]
Tessa Swanson Administrative Coordinator [email protected]

Board of Trustees

Position open Board Development Chair [email protected]
David Sussman Grades Faculty Representative [email protected]
Position open Campus Planning Committee Chair [email protected]
Sariya Jarasviroj Brown Board MORE Committee Representative [email protected]
Olivia Hansen Alumni Representative [email protected]