Andrea Fiser Marigold Garden Nursery Lead [email protected]
Leila Lopez Marigold Garden Nursery Assistant [email protected]
Ursula Ramos Sunflower Garden Nursery Lead [email protected]
Cynthia “Cyd” Lannigan Sunflower Garden Nursery Assistant [email protected]
Jennifer O’Brien Red Rose Garden Kindergarten Lead [email protected]
Bettina Fuchs Red Rose Kindergarten Assistant [email protected]
Nicole Williams Rosemary Garden Kindergarten Lead [email protected]
Carmenza Fernandez-Adkins Rosemary Garden Kindergarten Assistant [email protected]
Maggie Queathem Star Garden Kindergarten Lead [email protected]
Ron Spector Star Garden Kindergarten Assistant [email protected]
Jessica Blazewicz Early Childhood Early Morning Assistant
Zoe Hackl Early Childhood Afternoon Assistant [email protected]
Katherine Miller Early Childhood Afternoon Assistant
Chelsea Cruz Early Childhood Afternoon Assistant [email protected]
Charlene Campbell Early Childhood Afternoon Assistant [email protected]
Heidi Johnson Movement Education
Thomas Conner Woodworking Teacher [email protected]
Leo Moore String Orchestra Teacher Grades 4-8 [email protected]
Sophie Richerd Extended Day Director and Lower Grades Extended Day Teacher [email protected]
Will Coinman Extended Day Teacher Grades 4-8 and Middle School Support [email protected]