Tuition and Scholarship Assistance

Waldorf Education: The greatest gift you can give your child.

Tucson Waldorf School (TWS) is an independent, non-profit, tuition-based school. The school operates without federal or state funding so that Faculty may design programs and curriculum, and be self-governed. Scholarship assistance resources are available to families of all income levels whose children are enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 8.  Scholarship assistance details below.

2021-2022 Tuition:

Annual Tuition

Tuition may be paid in one or two installments or parents may select monthly option.

Monthly Payment Option

(10 months)

 10 month payment period begins in August and goes through May. Please note, this reflects the annual tuition divided by 10 and  figures are rounded.  Actual monthly billing may vary slightly.

Early Childhood

3-day Mixed-Age 
12:30pm pick up $5,989 $599
3:30pm pick up $7,555 $756
5:30pm pick up $8,534 $853
5-day Mixed-Age
12:30pm pick up $7,663 $766
3:30pm pick up $9,914 $991
5:30pm pick up $11,284 $1,128


Grades 1-2 $11,172 $1,117
Grade 3 $11,681 $1,168
Grades 4-8 $11,795 $1,178

Sibling Discount: We offer a sibling discount of 10% off tuition for the second child enrolled in our school. This discount increases to 30% for the third child and any additional siblings.

Additional Fees: There is an annual Parent Council fee of $25 per family. Additional fees per grade: First-grade Pentatonic flute $70, Third-grade Diatonic flute $86, Fifth-grade Pentathlon Approximately $85, Sixth grade Medieval Games Approximately $100, Sixth-grade Soprano Flute $20. If you choose to use Early Morning Care & Grades Extended Day the charge is $7 per hour billed only for time used at the end of the month.

Scholarship Assistance:

Scholarship resources available to Tucson Waldorf School families come from School Tuition Organizations (STOs) funded by the Arizona Private School Tax Credit Program. Tucson Waldorf School offers assistance through a close relationship with a  School Tuition Organization called Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation (AWSF). Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation was established to provide scholarships for students attending independent Waldorf schools in Arizona and other local private schools with shared values.

Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation (AWSF):

520-257-6262 |
  • Needs-Based Tuition Assistance through Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation: Needs-based scholarships are awarded to current and newly admitted students on the basis of demonstrated need, as determined by factors such as income, family size, assets, and liabilities. Families are required to reapply on a yearly basis.  Please note, you won’t know if you qualify unless you apply.
  • Non Needs-Based through Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation: Families also have the opportunity to raise their own tuition with recommended tax credits processed through Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation.  The Arizona Private School Tax Credit Program allows Arizona State taxpayers to recommend a portion of their taxes directly to a child’s tuition at Tucson Waldorf School.

Additional Needs-Based Scholarship Opportunities

Tucson Waldorf School strongly encourages families seeking needs-based tuition assistance to pursue additional funding opportunities through the following School Tuition Organizations that work with Tucson Waldorf School and its families. Please visit websites directly for application deadlines.

Click here for a complete list of School Tuition Organizations (STOs) certified to receive contributions for the Arizona Individual Tax Credit Program.