Program Overview

Tucson Waldorf School provides dynamic, developmentally attuned schooling that aims to nourish the healthy growth of the human being. The curriculum is rich, with mathematics, languages, literature, history, science, geography, music, handwork, gardening, and woodwork introduced to our students through joyful, artistic experiences. As the children grow, the lessons seek to challenge the children’s growing intellect and sense of social responsibility. Each experience in the Waldorf classroom is conceived to help students cultivate and expand their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual capacities, that they may become self-confident individuals, curious, and open and to all a human life has to offer.

Handshake_Laura-Gabelsberg_resized-for-websiteIn Waldorf Elementary education, the teacher often progresses with a given group of students from first through eighth grade. Every morning, for eight years, a teacher will greet the students with a handshake at the classroom door, setting the tone of connection and mutual recognition in advance of the day’s adventures. By carrying a class through the grades, an amazingly rich relationship is able to develop between the teacher, her students, and their families. This allows for not only great personal insight into the nature and needs of each student, but a vigilant patience in being a steward of a child’s unfolding.

The need for an effective, truly human education has never been greater than it is today. Our times call for individuals who can recognize needs and bring right initiatives to the world. To achieve this, children need schools in which childhood is appreciated and allowed to unfold, and where capacities of imagination and intelligence, of courage and fortitude, of practicality and skill are gradually awakened, nurtured, and strengthened.

Association of Waldorf Schools of North America