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The need for an effective, truly human education has never been greater than it is today. Our times call for individuals who can recognize needs and bring right initiatives to the world. To achieve this, children need schools in which childhood is appreciated and allowed to unfold, and where capacities of imagination and intelligence, of courage and fortitude, of practicality and skill are gradually awakened, nurtured, and strengthened.

Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Join our Community in the Listening Room with Mr. Keeney

You are invited to listen with us as we gather each day to enjoy these readings from Tucson Waldorf School Pedagogical Director, John Keeney.  His recordings are a gift for our school and the wider community. Enjoy. https://tucsonwaldorf.org/listening-room/

COVID-19 Resource Page

Currently, Tucson Waldorf School is operating an Essential Care Program (on campus) and a Bridge To Learning distance program. The COVID Task Force is continually monitoring data and recommendations for schools. For more information, click here to see our COVID-19 Information page, updated regularly.

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Why Waldorf?

A film by our friends at The Marin Waldorf School.