Grade School

As children progress through the grades at Tucson Waldorf School, we strive to involve them in a process of learning that engages their whole being. The Waldorf grades curriculum enlivens the standard academic subjects in a unique, artistic way through many mediums including music, movement, drawing, and painting. Subjects such as mathematics, history, botany, chemistry, physics, and others are presented to the grades students so the material is tangible and deeply experienced. Our students truly grasp concepts and have an understanding of facts and their deeper connections.

In addition to all of the fundamentals of a classical education, grades students at Tucson Waldorf School learn specialty subjects in practical arts, movement and games, gardening, Spanish, drama, music and orchestra, extra lessons (grades 1-3), and a eurythmy block (a movement therapy and performance art).

In Waldorf education, a teacher often leads a class of students from first through eighth grade. The class teachers who can look back on all his or her pupils’ previous learning experiences and build step by step on this foundation can endow teaching with real unity. Primary school age children who are very sensitive to readjustments and changes are given the security of knowing one personality and method intimately and thoroughly. Comprehensive individual evaluations are used in place of standardized testing.

TWS Faculty is creative and innovative in the classroom so that learning includes the thrill of adventure and discovery for each student. The Waldorf teacher designs a rhythm within each day, and within each lesson during the day, to enable children to grow and learn in a healthy way. Rhythm is established also through the celebrations of seasonal festivals and holidays. Practical hands-on work in music, building, gardening, creating lesson books, practical arts, and artistic endeavors develop profound self-confidence through the success of real and meaningful accomplishments.


Sample Grades Schedule

8:30 Main Lesson
10:30 Snack and recess
11:00 Specialty Subject / Extra Main Lesson
11:45 Specialty Subject / Extra Main Lesson
12:30 Lunch and recess
1:15 Specialty Subject (e.g. Gardening, practical arts, world language, etc.)
2:00 Specialty Subject (e.g. novel studies, music, movement education, etc.)
2:10 Grades 1-2 Dismissal
2:45 Clean-up
3:00 Grades 3-8 Dismissal

The most important thing is to establish an education through which human beings learn to live with one another.

Rudolf Steiner, October 1922