Campus Expansion & Capital Campaign

Phase I: Complete!

  • Land purchase and renovation of existing structures.
  • Master site planning initiated.
  • Project estimates and phase planning.

Cost: $2.2 million.

Phase II: Complete!

  • Completion of the River Bend master plan.
  • Presidio renovations including addition of kitchen and nursery bathroom in order to accommodate Early Childhood program.
  • River Bend construction of grade school buildings with four new classrooms.
    Site preparation, bathrooms, and parking.
  • Establishment and growth of an endowment.

Cost estimate: $1.2 million.

Phase III:

  • Completion of Grade school classrooms.
  • Construction of Early Childhood Program buildings with eight classrooms and playgrounds, administration buildings, additional parking and landscaping.

Cost estimate: $5 million.

Phase IV:

  • Multipurpose performance center and gym with ample room for community gatherings.
    Administration buildings.
  • Walking/running path, landscaping, and parking.

Cost estimate: $2.5 million.