Grade 8 Graduation Speeches

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One of the most treasured elements of a Tucson Waldorf School graduation is the speeches the graduates give, remembering their experiences at the school alongside their classmates. Tonight’s graduation will not be open to the public, but the speeches may be shared here for our community to see as we celebrate this class of graduates. Enjoy!

Graduation Speeches

Ms. Richardson’s Speech to Graduates and Families

Early Childhood: Ravyn, Jaiden, Enya, Simone (not appearing: Ayden)

History/Story: Enya and Bethany

Languages (Foreign and Domestic): Enya and Anagraduation speech

Arts: Ayden and Nico Simone

Math: Drake and Ravyn

Gardening: Ayden and Olivia

Science: Drake and Max

Movement: Bethany and Jaiden

Performing Arts: Olivia and Max

Extended Care: Ben and Nico Simone

Trips: Ana and Ben

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