Good News for the Endowment Fund

What does Tucson Waldorf School have in common with many prestigious universities? (Aside from our graduates, that is!)

An Endowment Fund!


Yep, you heard that right. And thanks to an incredible gift of $50,000 from Bettina and Travis Mathis, of Austin, Texas, with a match from the Brown Foundation in Houston, it is now $100,000 richer!

The Mathis family are from the Austin Waldorf School with ties to Tucson and have been giving to the Waldorf Fund for the past decade. This year, they surprised us with this gift, and the match from the Brown Foundation.

WITH THIS GIFT of $50,000 and a match of $50,000, we only need $75,000 to fully fund our $400,000 endowment.

How you can help: We would like to challenge the community to help us raise $75,000 to fulfill our goal in the Endowment Fund.

Do you know someone who: Has the ability to invest in the school’s long-term stability? Owns or works for a company that could benefit from a charitable donation? Has the desire to invest in a holistic education? Please introduce us!

About the Endowment Fund: Tucson Waldorf School’s Board of Trustees established its Endowment Fund in 2015, with the help of a generous group of anonymous donors who helped build the Grades 5 – 8 classrooms. The primary goal of the Fund is to ensure the long-term stability of the school and increase its ability to receive large gifts. The Board set a goal of $400,000 for the Endowment Fund, and the school has been making monthly contributions to the Fund since it was established. (During the pandemic, these payments have been suspended until greater financial security is achieved again.) The existence of the Endowment Fund has been a tremendous factor in helping TWS weather the current uncertainties. The Endowment Fund is held by Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA), so the monies invested are in turn going out to support a huge variety of non-profit endeavours in the local community, from food banks to educational endeavors and myriad other community-based organizations.

Tucson Waldorf School Development Committee

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Tucson Waldorf School Endowment Committee

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