The Rose Ceremony 2022

A beautiful tradition at Waldorf schools around the world, The Rose Ceremony is a rite of passage for young children entering the Grades program, and older children in their last year at Tucson Waldorf School. During The Rose Ceremony, Grade 8 students provide roses to Grade 1 students as they leave the embrace of the Early Childhood program and journey into the Grades. This was the first year since the pandemic restrictions were in place that the school community has been able to observe the event. Spirits were high as the Grade 8 students, surrounded by the full Grades student body, welcomed each new Grade 1 student, one by one. Early Childhood teachers held a silk up for them to walk through in a symbolic gesture of the importance of this transition. Some entered cautiously, while others ran and jumped head first into their new role!

Please join the faculty and staff of Tucson Waldorf School in wishing the best to these new Grades students as they begin their journey.

Photo credit: Rachel Seleen Quinn