Get To Know Your Parent Council Leadership: Part Six

Meet Rachel Locke, Parent Council Heads Committee Lead and Rosemary Garden Room Parent

about me


My husband, Joe and I are originally from Florida. We relocated to Tucson in 2015. We have one child, Alma, in Rosemary Garden.

I work as an occupational therapist with a specialty in shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand specific injuries.

In my free time I enjoy running, learning to sew on a sewing machine (recently made Alma a dress), yoga and baking anything.

why waldorf?

Our introduction to Waldorf was through Quail’s Nest with Ms. Ursula. We found TWS when looking for “mommy and me” groups to join through the pandemic. We were impressed by how everything was chosen with such intention and thoughtfulness. We have continued at TWS as we love all aspects of the early childhood program from it being outdoor play-based focused to the parenting support to the community we have grown into.

service inspiration & goals

 My favorite part about being involved in school service work is seeing our children enjoy the benefits of our contributions. Alma loves hearing stories about how we helped with events that she attends. I like to imagine our volunteer time at her school will strengthen her sense of community as she grows. The connections we have made at TWS in just 2 years are substantial and I imagine they will continue to grow with each year we attend. I chose to volunteer for Heads Lead because room parents play a vital role in promoting a sense of community for each class and I love being a support to that.