Get to Know Your Parent Council Leadership: Part Eight

Meet Sarah Grace, School Store Lead (in training)

About Me

As an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Arizona, my life is a blend of academic rigor and a rich family life with my husband Steve and our three children. Isabella, 19, is a freshman at the University of Arizona and a proud alumna of Ms. Archer’s class; Alex, 16, attends University High School and is a former student of Mrs. Sussman; and Scarlett, 8, is nurtured in Ms. Hoveland’s 2nd grade class at TWS. Together with Steve, we navigate the challenges and joys of parenting, underpinned by a shared commitment to holistic education and well-being. My personal interests include hot yoga, cold plunging, delving into British mystery books, learning the ukulele, and hiking in Sabino Canyon.

Why Waldorf

Our family’s Waldorf education journey began over a decade ago in Northern California when Isabella started in the early childhood program at Cedar Springs Waldorf School. Steve and I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of this approach on our children, fostering not only academic growth but also emotional and physical well-being. Our move to Tucson and subsequent involvement with Tucson Waldorf School deepened our appreciation for the Waldorf method. The school’s ethos, the dedication of its faculty and staff, and the vibrant community of parents and administrators have been central to our children’s love for learning and overall success. Participating in the Quail’s Nest parent-child classes alongside Scarlett offered me, and by extension our family, a refreshing perspective on parenting that challenged mainstream norms and encouraged a more intuitive, heart-centered approach.

Service Inspiration & Goals

My service to Tucson Waldorf School spans various roles—from performing weekly grocery runs for the early childhood program to overseeing the care of the EC and grades chickens during school breaks. I’ve also contributed to the school’s strategic initiatives, such as assisting with the accreditation self-study. These experiences underscore our family’s dedication to the Waldorf philosophy, inspiring us to continue supporting the school’s vision. My goal is to ensure that Waldorf education remains a vibrant and nurturing force for families, empowering children to develop into thoughtful, well-rounded individuals.