Angela Ralston

Angela grew up in sunny Los Angeles and moved to even sunnier Phoenix duringĀ  High School. She attended college at NAU where she studied Fine Arts and Art Education while nannying for families in Flagstaff and hanging out in the woods talking to trees. Inspired to start her own family, Angela moved back to Phoenix with a baby boy.

In Phoenix, Angela added to her family with 2 more boys. She also started her career as a professional artist, painting murals and decorative wall finishes, as part of a design team in Scottsdale. When her youngest arrived in 2014, Angela put a pause on her professional work and refocused her energies towards family and her own inner work. All of which led to moving her crew to Tucson, falling in love with Waldorf and learning to bake sourdough.

Angela spends most of her free time contemplating nature, expressing her artistic impulses and trying to let her Libra Rising shine as brightly as possible.