Cynthia Hovland

Cynthia Hovland was born in Los Angeles and grew up primarily in Washington State. She considers Tucson her hometown, even though she wasn’t raised here. While living and working as an English teacher near Stuttgart, Germany, the site of the first Waldorf school, she discovered Waldorf education. ¬†After learning more about Waldorf education she knew that working as a Waldorf teacher would be her professional path. ¬†Cynthia was the teacher for a Tucson Waldorf School class from first through sixth grade in 2003-2009. After a few years living in Alaska, she returned to Tucson in 2014 to start a new journey as the class teacher for the TWS graduating class of 2022.

She has two grown children, a young grandson, and in her free time Cynthia enjoys hiking, dancing, cooking, astrology, reading, writing, and traveling.