Michelle Blazewicz - Grade 8

Michelle Blazewicz

Mrs. Blazewicz and her family moved to Tucson in 2010 from Massachusetts. Shortly thereafter, she joined Tucson Waldorf School’s faculty. She joined her current class in the spring of 2011 and looks forward to carrying them forward into middle school.  Mrs. Blazewicz has a very diverse background and has a degree in chemical engineering. In 1996 when her daughter was born, Michelle left the industry to focus on raising her family. During that time, she discovered and fell in love with Waldorf education through a parent-child class at the Cape Ann Waldorf School. She became a Certified Waldorf Elementary teacher and worked for four years as a class teacher before taking time out to again focus on the family. During her time away, she completed a year-long foundations course in music where she learned to play the lyre.  In addition to teaching, Michelle is a graduate of a program in Waldorf Remedial Education at Rudolf Steiner College, which she finds invaluable to her work as a class teacher. Michelle enjoys family outings, especially if they involve exploring nature or visiting museums, photography and animals.