Grades 1-8 Admissions

Application Checklist

Step 1: Contact

  • Please contact our Enrollment Director, Rebecca Briamonte at 520.529.1032 for a brief conversation and to schedule your private or group tour (Talk & Tour).

Step 2: Parent Visit

  • Attend a Talk & Tour.

Step 3: Application

  • After your Talk & Tour, you are invited to apply. To begin your application, follow the application link to TADS (an online and secure tuition and admissions management site) at
  • You will create an account and password. Select the academic year for which you are applying.
    IMPORTANT: We’re here to help. For assistance with this process at any time, contact Enrollment Director, Rebecca Briamonte at 520.529.1032.

Step 4: Get-Acquainted Activities with Teacher

  • Once you’ve completed your admissions application to the Grades program, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting for your child with a member of our grades faculty. The meeting and activities take approximately 45 minutes and are generally a relaxed, informal experience for the prospective student.
  • Based on your child’s meeting with the faculty, a recommendation will be made regarding class placement for the three-day visit.
  • Your family will have the opportunity to meet with the class teacher.

Step 5: Applicant Visit to Class

  • Your child is invited to attend his/ her prospective class for a minimum three-day visit. The class visit is designed to ensure that your child’s needs can be met and gives your child a sense of what it is like to attend Tucson Waldorf School.

Step 6: Admissions Decision Notification

  • You will be contacted soon after your child’s three-day visit is scheduled and completed for a meeting to discuss the faculty’s admission recommendation.

Grades 1-8 Enrollment Information

  • We accept ongoing admissions in all of our programs as space allows. Applications for the current school year are accepted at any time.
  • Applications for the upcoming academic year are accepted beginning in late January. Applicants are considered for placement in the order the applications are received. When applying through TADS, please check to ensure you are applying for the correct year (the year your child will be attending TWS).
  • Admission is considered complete upon receiving school records from your child’s current (or former) teacher.
  • All enrollments are subject to a 45-day trial period.
  • Enrollment is considered official when your TADS online enrollment form has been completed and you have set up a billing agreement with initial payment.