Michaelmas: Taming the Dragon

Chalkboard Art by Mr. Sussman

Michaelmas is a festival traditionally celebrated on September 29th by Waldorf schools all over the world.  Michaelmas is a time for celebrating deeds of strength and courage, for pondering our own dragons, both internal and external, and cultivating the courage and strength necessary for self development. It is a time for harvest, a time for work, a time for storing away that which we need for the cold dark months to come.

For Grades 1-8, the Michaelmas Festival will be celebrated on Friday, September 27th from  8:30-10:30 a.m. on the field. All families are welcome to come watch the festival and performance!  Dragon bread (made by the students) and red ‘dragon’s blood’ tea will be served.

The Early Childhood Program will celebrate Michaelmas in the classroom, with the children only, as part of the school day.

*Parents, please no photography at the festival.  Pictures will be made available by the school.