Dr. Josh Reilly

Meet Dr. Josh, Tucson Waldorf School’s New Health Consultant


Josh Reilly, N.M.D. or Dr. Josh to most of his patients, is known for his down-to-earth, practical and eclectic approach to medicine, leadership, management, and decision-making. He took a circuitous route to becoming Naturopathic Doctor. Growing up in the northern reaches of the Pine Barrens in NJ, his path began with a love of biology and all things natural. This love of nature has taken him up and down the eastern seaboard, to the Desert Southwest of N.M., to the alluvial plains of Arkansas, to the Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and finally to Tucson, AZ.  Along the way he has been an Aquarist, a Fisheries Biologist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a Research Scientist designing novel companion animal products, an elected official, an entrepreneur, a consultant, and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. He discovered Naturopathic Medicine by happy coincidence not long after the birth of his daughter and was persuaded to pursue his medical degree by his midwife and several faculty members and parents at Three Cedars Waldorf School, WA. He’s been a Waldorf parent since 2005 at Princeton Waldorf School, NJ, Three Cedar’s Waldorf School, WA and now here at Tucson Waldorf School, AZ.

Dr. Josh owns and operates Wild Wellness Integrative Medicine here in Tucson, AZ as well as practicing regenerative medicine at Tucson Regenerative Medicine, Tucson, AZ and Naturopathic Primary Care at Innovative Primary Care in Gilbert, AZ. He has been a licensed Naturopathic Physician in AZ since 2017 and relocated here to be near his children and support his ex-wife.  He loves the sunshine, the starry night skies, the monsoons, the local food, local music and the scenic splendor of Tucson. He spends whatever free time he can find with his two kids, Ben and Josie.  Josephine “Josie” is currently a student at Tucson Waldorf School. He is pleased to be joining the team at Tucson Waldorf and looks forward to being a point of contact and public health resource for faculty, staff and parents of Tucson Waldorf School.

Dr. Josh will act as the school’s new Health Consultant, helping parents and administration navigate the challenging health decisions related to COVID-19.