Welcome Jade Hines, Administrative Assistant, Enrollment & Development

          Please help us welcome Jade Hines to Tucson Waldorf School! She and her family are returning to Tucson, AZ from Alexandria, VA where she worked diligently with families during the application and admissions process as the Director of Enrollment and Admissions at Potomac Crescent Waldorf School (PCWS).  She also worked in accreditation with AWSNA, development and relocation efforts for PCWS, and as a parent representative for her children’s two classes. During her previous tenure in Tucson, she was the U.S. Air Force Key Spouse volunteer at Davis Monthan Air Force Base for the 55th Rescue and 563d Operations Support Squadrons. Before that, she was a Sr. Executive Assistant at the University of Arizona to the SVP for Health Sciences. She has already started working in support of Enrollment & Development here at TWS, and her children are now in the Early Childhood program and Grade 1.
          Jade was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK where she earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Oklahoma. She has held a number of professional positions, including Political Lobbyist and Client Services Associate, representing major institutions throughout the legislative process and during political campaigns. Jade was also a D1 Collegiate Athlete on the University of Oklahoma softball team from 2003-2007. Finally, Jade is respectful and proud of her Native American lineage and graciously respects her Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma and Hopi heritage. She had the great honor of being the Sat-Tainte (White Bear) Clan.