Annual Fund: Participation is Key to Success

We are striving to have 100% participation for our Annual Fund!

Tucson Waldorf School will embark on our next Re-Accreditation Self Study with AWSNA in the Fall. One of the many aspects that will be reviewed is Staff, Board and Community participation. When asked how participation went for the Annual Fund, we would love to report “100% community involvement!”

Dollar amount is not as important; participation is VERY important! When the school applies for grants or asks for large donations, the first question is often, “What’s your community participation rate?”  We want to be able to proudly say, “100%!”

Every child matters. Every family matters. Every gift matters.
Your donation amount, no matter how large or small, makes a difference towards 100% school participation.
Let’s have one last push and we hope you will make your gift today!!
Donate here!