Get to Know Your Parent Council Leadership: Part Five

Meet Valen Thiem, Parent Council Treasurer, Parent Council Board Representative, School Store Lead

About me

My husband Alan and I have two daughters, Geneva (8) in 3rd grade and Brendalyn (5) just started in the Rosemary Garden.

I enjoy reading and crafting, including sewing, woodworking, crocheting and knitting. I am always up for trying a new type of craft. I am currently a SAHM, but I was a retail manager for years prior to that. I speak German as a former exchange student, and like to learn about other cultures.

why waldorf

I attended some meetings of the Stammtisch in Tucson, and they introduced me to Desert Sky’s Weihnachtsmarkt. We went to it before having kids, and I was excited that they offered German and Spanish. But they didn’t have a Parent-Child class, so when we had Geneva I took her to Quail’s Nest to get out of the house. We attended an open house and met all the teachers, including both of the Sussmans, and Alan said that TWS would be Geneva’s school for all of it, rather than transferring in and out of Desert Sky. Everything since then has reinforced our decision.

service inspiration & goals

My parents were always very involved in our extra curricular activities and communities as we were growing up. So when I heard about Parent Council and Craft Circle back in Quail’s Nest, I started going. Linda Biedermann and Sarah Salazar were both such amazing and welcoming people that I wanted to stay involved, and have at times in the years since led Craft Circle and the School Store. I now serve as the Parent Council Representative to the TWEA Board, and am working on the PC Treasurer role, along with being part of the Festival and Events Committee. I will be passing along my School Store Lead duties after this year. My goals this year include holding a simple doll workshop, and supporting efforts to build a stronger parent community.