Giving Tuesday November 28th = Donations Matched Through Arizona Tuition Connection!

Your donation makes a difference in the lives of Tucson Waldorf School Families

Meet PennElys Droz, a new family at Tucson Waldorf School  who depends on corporate STO scholarships from Arizona Tuition Connection to attend the school of their choice.

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How have scholarships from Arizona Tuition Connection Helped Your Family?
On Giving tuesday, november 28th, arizona tuition connection will match your donations!

Your tax credit, which is MATCHED by Arizona Tuition Connection on Nov. 28th ONLY, helps to ensure a Waldorf education for students of most need at Tucson Waldorf School. Thank you for helping make a difference in a student’s future!


1. Donors make Tax Credit Donations on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 at

2. Donors can recommend your family to receive the donation.

3. Separately, Arizona Tuition Connection will match the donation by sending a scholarship of an equal amount to support a different (low-income qualified) student at our school.

4. These donations qualify for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit off the donor’s AZ State taxes, (married couples can donate up to $2,609, while singles can donate up to $1,307).

Last year, you helped raise $61,440 in matched scholarships for low-income students. Help us reach our goal of $75,000 in matching scholarships this year!