Jen Rosenstein

Jen has been involved with Waldorf Education since the early 90s when she discovered a dedicated group of Anthroposophists that were endeavoring to start a Waldorf school in St. Louis, MO. A few years later, she became one of the first kindergarten teachers at the Shining Rivers Waldorf School in St. Louis. Soon after that, she enrolled in the Antioch NE Waldorf teacher training program with the goal of becoming a grades teacher. 

She began class teaching in 1995 and continued class teaching up until 2019. She has taught each grade 3 times at various schools including the Waldorf School of Baltimore, The Waldorf School of Princeton, the Rudolf Steiner School in NYC, and the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, NY. She has been an instructor at Sunbridge Institute where she taught summer week-long prep courses to class teachers. As the pandemic began to take hold, she shifted to working with homeschooled students and with Waldorf schools around the country in an administrative role. 

Additionally, she is a Waldorf parent whose child attended Waldorf schools from kindergarten through high school. 

Jen joined the Tucson Waldorf School community remotely in January of 2021 and felt an instant kinship with our faculty. In December of that year, she visited Tucson and fell in love with our campus and the greater Tucson area and joined us in person in January of 2022. 

She and her husband have been enjoying all Tucson has to offer including hiking, biking, and taking in live music whenever they can.