I had the privilege of teaching at an enlightened school that offered me the opportunity to create a curriculum designed to awaken the moral imagination.  I worked with the best faculty, staff, and students.  The reading, writing, and discussions in my class helped answer the questions: Where have I come from?  Who am I?  Where am I going?  The only reason I retired from a job that never felt like anything but joy was to be with my own grandchildren.  What I have witnessed in the complete environment at the Tucson Waldorf School is the very best education I could hope any child could experience.  I love the care for children, the play, love of the outdoors, extension of childhood wonder, the magical way writing and reading are developed to assure success of each child in a way that inspires confidence, the instruction in handcrafts, the passion for great story telling, the love of art and music, the creativity and compassion of the teachers, the practice of the best developmentally appropriate educational practices.  You are truly an oasis of love on the planet.  I spread my love for this school to all of my friends and neighbors.  May you continue to feel how beloved you are.