TWS25/Waldorf100 Interview Ten: Sariya Jarasviroj Brown

Our tenth interview in the TWS25/Waldorf100 anniversary series is with TWS parent and high-impact volunteer Sariya Jarasviroj Brown. Sariya currently chairs fresh!: a spring soiree, a fun and successful fundraiser for TWS, happening May 4th–this weekend!  This year’s fresh! theme is a birthday party “around the world” in celebration of both TWS’s 25th anniversary and […]

TWS25/Waldorf100 Interview Nine: Bryan Falcón

Interview nine of our TWS25/Waldorf 100 anniversary series is with TWS parent Bryan Falcón. Bryan, along with wife and rising Grade 1 class teacher Elizabeth, owns local theatre company, The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre. In this interview, Bryan discusses his appreciation for Waldorf Education’s use of the power of story, and his deep respect for […]

TWS25/Waldorf100 Interview Eight: Jennifer O’Brien

The eighth interview in our TWS 25/Waldorf 100 anniversary series features TWS kindergarten teacher Jennifer O’Brien. Jennifer is one of TWS’s founders, working as Linda Braun’s kindergarten assistant in TWS’s very first kindergarten class.  She has remained at TWS ever since, working and supporting this growing, and now thriving, school in innumerable ways. In this […]

TWS25/Waldorf100 Interview Seven: Heidi Johnson

Interview seven of our TWS25/Waldorf 100 anniversary series is with TWS Movement Education teacher Heidi Johnson. Heidi started the Movement Education program at TWS 19 years ago, and in this interview she shares her perspective on the importance of movement, believing in her students, and meeting them where they are.