TWS25/Waldorf100 Interview Twelve: Lisa Archer

Interview twelve in the TWS25/Waldorf100 anniversary series features class teacher Lisa Archer, who is retiring this year after graduating her third TWS class next Thursday (May 23rd). Retiring Pedagogical Director Linda Braun has this to say about her dear friend Lisa: “As our longest serving Grades class teacher, Lisa has really become a strong mentor for Grades teachers at TWS. She has always been so generous in sharing her time, knowledge, and resources with all who have come behind her. Although there are many things we will miss about Lisa, one very pragmatic contribution has been her keeping of the Grades class schedule! We have really appreciated the lengths she would go to in order to accommodate all our requests. She will be very missed.” Enjoy your well-earned retirement, Lisa. The TWS community appreciates all your many contributions, and wishes you many happy days ahead.

Video Credit: Seth Pepper