Eviana Robinson

Eviana Robinson is a native Tucsonan and grew up admiring the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. She has fond memories of her early childhood – from tasting her first tomato out of her family’s backyard garden to spending hours making elaborate houses for her dolls. She began her introduction to Waldorf education in the first grade. This launched her love of learning and sprouted the seed of determination to one day be a Waldorf teacher herself.

Eviana has a robust background in caring for children. She began volunteering in childcare at Tucson Waldorf School when she herself was a middle school student at TWS. She then continued to provide childcare through independent work with families (many of whom she knew through TWS). In 2019, Eviana began working as the extended-day Red Rose teacher. Each day she stepped on school grounds was a reminder of her love for TWS and the community that encapsulates it. Seeing the children that she was now teaching explore the same playground that she once did as a student was both nostalgic and joyful.

Eviana was a long-term sub throughout TWS during the pandemic. Then she moved on to being an assistant teacher in Early Childhood – first with Leila Lopez in Marigold Garden, then with Nicole Williams in Rosemary Garden, and is now working with Jennifer O’Brien in Red Rose Garden. Eviana has immensely enjoyed learning from and collaborating with each teacher she has worked with. She goes to work each day with an open mind filled with admiration and love for each child. She spends the day laughing beside them while exploring together. When reflecting on her day she often smiles to herself thinking of moments she shared with her class while holding them in her heart.

Eviana is eager to attend training at the Westcoast Institute in British Columbia this summer and to continue cultivating her love of Waldorf teaching. She is currently living with her sister and her sister’s family where she gets lots of snuggles from her 2 ½-year-old niece and 7-month-old twin niece and nephew, which allows for many fun stories to be brought to her class.