Gemma Marquina Moreno

Maestra Moreno was born in a small town in Catalonia, Spain. She obtained a Bachelor degree as a movement education teacher at the University of Granada Spain and a Master’s degree in Psycopedagogy from the University of Valencia. She did her Waldorf teacher training in the Centro Antroposofico in Cuernavaca México. Since 2021 Maestra has been a member of the Emergency Pedagogy group in Mexico, supporting communities, schools, and families that have been through traumatic events, with art and movement.

Since she was young, she was involved with social work. Maestra Moreno lived in Thailand, and worked as a voluntary in an orphanage with refuge kids from Myanmar. The project was to teach them English and movement but what it morphed into was a full community fundraiser to build them a playground. These children really needed to have the  opportunity to be kids. When she worked as a movement teacher in Chile, she traveled to Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. After that she got a scholarship to live in Australia, and later she moved to Canada, where she had the opportunity to learn English. The last place where she had lived was in the Oaxaca Coast, Puerto Escondido Mexico. She worked as a class teacher at the Papalotes Waldorf School for three years. When working with a combined class that was surrounded by a beautiful community she found herself falling in love with the Mexican culture.

For her, teaching Spanish is not just about grammar is about teaching another way to see the world. She teaches more than language. She teaches to feel, to love, to respect and embrace different cultures, and their beauty. Because she had the opportunity to see and experience many countries, now she invites the students and the Tucson Waldorf Community to open their hearts to these diverse cultures. She loves dancing, singing, travelling, learning new things, and her passion is to help others, and share her love for the world.