Tax Credits Support Our Students!

Tax credits are  welcomed to fund scholarships for Tucson Waldorf School students. If you would like to direct your tax credit to Tucson Waldorf School students, please click here.

TWS families are invited to sign up to attend a Scholarship Coaching Session, create a family donor brochure and website, and complete an application on the Arizona Tuition Connection website. Please direct any questions regarding STOs to Tessa Swanson at [email protected].

Here is a review of what Arizona Tuition Connection offers to TWS:

  • Donation brochures with your child’s picture on the front and name pre-filled on the donation form.
  • A customized web page with your child’s image and your text with a tax credit scholarship donation link to your child through Arizona Tuition Connection.
  • Potential corporate scholarships for qualifying families who also raise a portion of their tuition through recommended tax credits.
  • Support in soliciting corporate scholarship donations earmarked for TWS students.
  • Scholarship Coaching Sessions in Person for TWS families to learn about how to effectively solicit additional tax credit scholarship donations.
  • Scholarship Coaching Session via Zoom
  • Giving Tuesday Matching funds: Dollar for dollar matching corporate scholarships earmarked for the TWS general fund for any tax credits directed on the last Tuesday each November through Arizona Tuition Connection‘s Tucson Waldorf School page. Tax credits can be recommended for individual students or the school in general.

It has long been a personal goal of mine for the school to be in a position to have sufficient scholarship funding and resources to be able to make a Tucson Waldorf School education accessible to anyone who wants this education. I invite you all to join me in envisioning a future where this is true.

The way to achieve this vision is for each one of us to educate ourselves on the tax credit scholarship program, make it a practice to direct our own tax liability each year to Tucson Waldorf School through Arizona Tuition Connection, and consistently ask those in the broader Tucson community for tax credits to be directed to individual children or the Tucson Waldorf School.

In Gratitude,

Rebecca Briamonte
Administrative Director
Tucson Waldorf School